In the Rain

Do you know the word
for how graying thunderstorm skies
prohibit the telling of time
by sun’s relative position to me as subject
     or more appropriately earth’s relative position to sun
by covering the space far beyond each of our heads
in grey apathy dome?

This is close enough to time travel
for me
in a non-sci-fi
     enter a spaceship or jump through a portal
     but rather visit a real place in your brain during 
     an actual experience trapped in time
     that somehow exists outside of it anyways
     like the waiting room at the dentist 
kind of way

Day does turn to night
but without the typical cues 
I am clueless 

And trying to make myself ok
with so many things that I can’t do anything about
but spend so much time trying to make myself ok with
and I think somehow that love is the antidote 
but also the poison
and time will kill us all (in time)
so let’s sit outside for a moment longer

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