Animal of Toes

The animal of toes
And experiences from out of body
And the directions things grow
regardless of their observation by eyes
twists and turns of hair and nail
Somehow granted freedom to freedom
but still nagging the possible
non-happening of even pine trees
and rhododendron
which my aunt refuses to enjoy
and further ingrains in me the belief
that while we are all scared of something
the actual dark and cigarettes are indicative
or a resistance to the animal of toes
and the feeling that neighborly is the only way to express
But still I have to be unto others
what they want me to be
and chinese finger trap
if sincere kindness
didn’t manifest as kiss-
assery of the first degree
unto someone eventually
after blindfolds and curtain are drawn
My neighbor smokes a pack
on the porch in lightless night


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