I hope they’re happy
in their burlap and hemp
I’m just thankful for sandwiches
dripping with flavor
and friendships
soaked in honesty
I can feel my left leg
more than my right
and the other way around
when I walk for long periods of time
I always have to remind myself
that hiking is just walking
and camping just living
intentionally with less
but more leaves
no reason to panic about
and there are just as many
spiders in my house
I know fall as the house guest
who doesn’t knock
because he doesn’t have to
and is always welcome
and always comforting
so it was nice to see you
in October
and see leaves change
there is buried in me
a lot of doubt about
and security
but nothing that I can’t
lay on the table
fresh from plastic grocery bags
and dice up
with a little help


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