Nehi (Aspiration)

A shaker crafted

from dry beans

and an empty

12 oz bottle

of Peach Nehi

was the only instrument

I ever played well

with passion

must have been my mom

who rinsed it out

and filled it with

noise in a year

I don’t even remember

there was a large crate of other assorted

instruments designed

by toy companies

to attract the attention of


bright orange and blue

snare drums

rainbow xylophones

kaleidoscope maracas

and an assortment of penny whistles

and recorders

but in my faint memory

mainly the dusty smell of carpet

I reach time and time again

for the Peach Nehi bottle

the beans had left a filmy residue

on the inside

and the orange wrapper

always peeling back

falling off

recycling is cool

but temporary

those beans

that plastic

in a landfill somewhere now

decomposing under a left flip flop

and forty-five grocery bags

stuffed inside one another

and you can’t buy Peach Nehi

in a store

and so

I’ll never be a musician again

I guess 


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