Spring Synergy (With a Little Help from My Friends)

A Collaborative Reflection:

Spring–winter’s damp leftovers

Reheated in the open sky’s warmth,

both soul and blossom burst forth, and

explosive stains remain on the microwave’s interior.

Warm the Petrie dish

And watch the fractal

Growth of bacteria

Or just do the same from

Space, as plants and

Humans come outside

And into each other.

Winter left them alone

And isolated, but spring

Is when they feel it.

As Sun returns to the Northern Hemisphere,

Groundwater table rises:

Only to be re-drained again,

Come May.

It snowed 3 inches this week,

But what good is snow to your hidden, thirsting roots?

Couldn’t use it anyways. So-

Maybe, I’ll build a home for us in some faraway, coniferous forest,

Where it rains once a week,

That way, you can have your garden,

Though it will be too damn hot for work then,

And you know I can’t be trusted when I drink,


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