I wrote this poem in January of 2012, but only posted it in my Facebook notes (which no one reads). I like it enough to repost it here and share with whoever reads this garbage I pass off as creativity. Enjoy.


Forget everything you know.
There was nothing
Expansive nothing.
Enter time.
There is something
Infinite something.
All has been created,
All has been affected by
It is not comprehensible
It cannot be controlled
It is beauty
It is perfection
It is.

Creation is.
This is undeniable.
This is all we know.
Think and you will see,
All there is
All there has been
All there will be
Has been formed by it.
Why now must we name it?
Try to personify it?
Try to understand it in human terms?
When we know it is far superior.
Pure religion should be mystified by it and drawn to morality because of it’s magnificent awe-inspiring beauty.
Science should seek to understand how it has come to be and where it is going in order to use its gifts to heal and inspire.

Just that all there is has come to be is a beautiful enough explanation for me.


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