Something bitter I wrote about “Old People”

Held back by the cords that we use to connect

Or so it’s seen by the elders who we don’t respect

No time for face to face, just Facebook threads

Or so it’s seen by the elders who we don’t respect


More interested in teaching me a lesson

Than finding out what I already have learned

Not at all concerned

That the thoughtless words

Which we spurn

and they churn 

lack efficacy

They continue in casting judgement 



Now I’m not saying my generation lacks guilt

But you all insist on making it felt

Even when it shouldn’t exist


We’ll survive with or without your constant worry

So if you think that what you have to say is worth it

Then don’t hurry

But plan it

And be careful to consider our perspective 

And how similar we really are

Your generation equally disdained by the one before


So maybe you’re not wiser, could we agree,

Just because you had less technology.

But maybe you have some wisdom to offer

Because you too once suffered

The pain of growing 

The pain of knowing


So next time you have a message

Don’t condemn us for how often we text message

But ask what it says 

And who its to

You might be surprised that the things we say

Remind you of you


And then listen. 

And please, 

Don’t preach.

Just show us that you too

Are a flawed, struggling, recovering human being


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