As clothes start to accumulate on my floor I wonder if I’m losing my mind?

Surely that’s what life is. 

A slow process of mental atrophy. 

Reality becomes dimmer and dimmer until it is not recognizable


Only for some it’s not so slow

And their human mind is robbed before old age. 

No Florida golf games to occupy the decay of their “accepting self”

(The self that accepts without question the world’s bullshit) 

No, they are trapped in a diorama world of 9-5 and deadlines 

with their thoughts replaced by the “Insanity of Awakening”. 

Spend all day in a daze. Wondering why they cant escape. 

And this is me.

And this is anyone who realizes that all things are relative. 


But perhaps there is a twist in the narrative. 


Perhaps typically the stable mind is totally lost in life then death brings nirvana. 

But for the young and able bodied, death does not present this choice.

So, it is up to the sanity robbed wide eyed kid to seek nirvana on their own. 

While still a part of the very tangible world that they reject. 

And some find it.

In the trees.

In the streets. 

In music. 

In words. 

In friends. 

In clothes. 

In meditation. 

In film. 

In love. 

In simplicity.

In anything solid that can represent the untouchable oneness and peace of the universe. 


I am still searching. 

Or perhaps I have found,

but cannot access, 

and have yet another lesson to learn.

So I write-and-think-and-travel and





1 thought on “Losing”

  1. This poem sounded to me like the by-product of living in a WEIRD (Western Educated Industrialized Rich Democratic) society. The emerging lone individual, with less and less family, religious, and patriotic ties tired of the demands of capitalism and seeking self-transcendency [nirvana].

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