Struggle for Quality

Don’t forget that you know nothing.

So, at least try to be humble

The world is full enough of misguided opinions

And severely lacking humble and honest decisions

It might not change a thing

It might not prevent even one from their stumble

But for what it’s worth I would like you a lot more

If instead of holding to tradition you stopped to ask “what for?”

Because maybe then

At least between you and I

We could do some serious thinking

Head towards the bottom of this truth stuff

We may never arrive,

But it would be one Hell of a better ride

Quality aside,

What other reasons have we to strive

To try

To keep on and go forth

I mean what else has worth?

Other than worth itself

So if we can make things better

If only just for ourselves

Then we owe each other that

At least I think.

I hope.


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